We would like to thank all the members of the jury for their involvement in the #EuropeanCyberwomenday which promotes gender equality and cybersecurity.
The members of the jury are:

Bernard BARBIER, membre du jury du Cyberwomenday

President of BBCYBER SAS, member of the academy of technologies, administrator of ARCSI (Association of Reservists in Numbers and Computer Security).
Member of the jury.

I am delighted to participate in the jury organized by The European CyberWomen Day. Cyber security is a major issue for security and democracy in Europe. Women play a fundamental role in this challenge for our country and I am very keen to support the work of the CEFCYS. In the US, the President has appointed women to lead his cyber security strategy and operations. In Europe, and particularly in France, we must all act to attract women to the cyber sector and support them in their efforts to reach senior management positions. A woman as DG of ANSSI in a few years?Having had the chance to manage very brilliant women in my previous functions,I strongly believe it.

Chloe BLONDEAU, member of the jury of Cyberwomenday

Seconded National Expert at ENISA, the European Cyber Security Agency.
Member of the jury.

I am honoured to be part of the jury of the 2021 European Cyber woman Trophy. Contributing to this initiative is almost a duty for me as it is above all a question of supporting gender diversity and inspiring young women by highlighting exceptional personalities and careers. I am particularly sensitive to the variety of trophies covering the diversity of digital security specialties in which women and men can shine just as equally.

Alain BOUILLE, member of the jury of Cyberwomenday

Executive Director of CESIN.
Member of the jury.

CESIN is very proud to be associated with the new Women in Cyber Awards, which this year will be open to Europe. Cybersecurity is a sector in full expansion with unprecedented growth and it is extremely important to do everything in order to attract more talent. The association CEFSYS, by targeting more women, contributes greatly to this.

Hélène BRISSET, membre du jury du Cyberwomenday

Digital Director at the Ministries of Labor, Employment and Integration,
and Solidarity and Health.

Member of the jury.

Cyber has become a key to securing our present and our future. In this historically male domain, we need all talents and particularly women, with their dynamism, their know-how, their sensitivity, their expertise. So, I am very happy to participate in the Cyber Woman Day jury.

Stéphanie BUSCAYRET, membre du jury du Cyberwomenday

Chief Information Security Officer.

Member of the jury.

Being a member of the jury of the European CyberWomenDay trophy is a great opportunity for me to promote our cybersecurity professions in France and in Europe.
There will never be too many of us to protect our digital lives and prepare a safer future: let’s celebrate those who are working today to make all the others want to join us for this ambitious and exciting mission!

Magda CHELLY, member of the jury of Cyberwomenday

Speaker, entrepreneur and cyber security expert,
founder of Women On Cyber-Singapore.

Member of the jury.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in such an initiative. As a supporter of women in cybersecurity, it is a fantastic feeling to be able to see such a support between women. I do believe that this is a critical aspect and motivation for me willing to be part of this recognition. We will be able to showcase role models for the next generations to come.

Phedra CLOUNER, member of the jury of Cyberwomenday

Deputy Director – Centre for Cyber Security – Belgium.
Member of the jury.

I see every day how we lack cybersecurity resources, while the cyber threat is only increasing. I also see that, while this is changing, too few women are considering a career in cybersecurity. Through my participation in the jury of European CyberWomen Day,

I would like to seize the opportunity to highlight the women and their skills who are and will be the cybersecurity experts of today and tomorrow, Women who deconstruct the stereotypes still held by the sector, who demonstrate in a brilliant way all its diversity, who will help us to change the paradigm and, together, to fight the cyber threat.

Arnaud COUSTILLERE, membre du jury du Cyberwomenday

Vice-amiral d’escadre (2S)
President of the Cyber Center of Excellence (PEC).
Member of the jury.

The PEC and its members are strong promoters of the values of the CEFCYS and of the role of women in Cyber. Societal issues, particularly inclusion, are one of the priorities of the PEC.

Loic GUEZO, member of the jury of Cyberwomenday

General Secretary of CLUSIF.
Member of the jury.

As General Secretary of Clusif, the leading association for digital security in France, I am particularly sensitive to the progress, presence and impact of women within our association and much more widely in our cyber domain. In order to actively contribute to this, we have recently launched a new working group “Cybersecurity, source of inclusion and diversity” whose exchanges, ideas and feedback will be the subject of a publication.

Mathieu ISAIA, membre du jury du Cyberwomenday
Mathieu ISAIA

Chief executive – THE GREEN BOW
Member of the jury.

Contribute to the emergence of more parity and highlight committed women, as part of a more global commitment to professional equity (parity, inclusion, etc.) in our society.

Ludmila MOROZOVA-BUSS, member of the jury of Cyberwomenday

Research Scientist – Ph.D in Technology Program at Capitol Technology University.
Member of the jury.

I would love to see more women gaining access to the challenges of digital transformation, upskilling, re-skilling and re-framing a role of a woman in what will become the future generations´ #NewNormal – which is: the world as we know it is transforming. Along with the ever-increasing creation of practical knowledge and scientific breakthroughs.

If knowledge is power then knowledge shared is power multiplied. I will promote the cyber knowledge sharing and access to cybersecurity education. For more women to enjoy the digital world full of surprises and rewards!

Stephane NAPPO, member of the jury of Cyberwomenday
Stéphane NAPPO

Vice President Cybersecurity & Global Chief Information Security Officer – Groupe Seb.
Member of the jury.

The digital evolution must unite all talents. Promoting equality and women’s expertise is crucial to value the Cybersecurity realm.

David OFER, member of the jury of Cyberwomenday
David OFER

President of the French Federation of Cybersecurity.
Member of the jury.

I am delighted to participate in this European Woman Day jury. The CEFCYS is a key player in the representation of women, which is so necessary in cybersecurity. I am confident that this year’s promotion  will help us discover new talented women who will encourage other women to join them to work in all parts of the cybersecurity industry.

Sébastien OLAIZOLA, membre du jury du Cyberwomenday
Sébastien OLAIZOLA

Chief of the Information Systems Security Policy Mission of the Digital Department of the Ministry of the Interior – RCSSI.
Member of the jury.

Very honored to help enable diversity in the world of cybersecurity, which is both a richness in the performance of our core functions and a mutual enrichment.

Gaelle PICARD member of the jury of Cyberwomenday

Member of CEFCYS board of directors
and Regional Delegate of IDF Women in digital.

Member of the jury.

Being a member of the jury of the European Cyber Woman Trophy is more than a commitment to women and Cyber, it is a real desire to participate and raise awareness of key issues in the industry among women.

Tiphaine ROMAND-LATAPIE, membre du jury du Cyberwomenday

Reverse Engineering Team Leader – SYNACKTIV.
Member of the jury.

I am convinced that the question of women representation in cyber is a major issue for feminization in this field. As the winner of the trophy last year, it seems natural to me to continue to participate in this effort to highlight women in cyber by being part of the Jury.

Richard SANGARE, membre du jury du Cyberwomenday

Chief of Security & Information Security Office & General Manager of Information Systems Security (RGSSI) of SG Services
Member of the jury.

I consider that we should not talk about gender or any other except the willingness to learn and thrive in digital security and especially cybersecurity.
The oldest among us with experience must reach out to the youngest, we have a duty to give our time to accompany, advise and even train the new ones who want or wish to join us without prejudice. We also learn from them, we must know how to listen and wait for them.

Rosanna KURRER member of the jury of Cyberwomenday
Rosanna T.S. KURRER

Managing Director of CyberWayFinder.
Member of the jury.

I am very much honoured to be part of an event that recognises and highlights the valuable contribution women bring to the field of cybersecurity. Diverse views, perspectives, skills and talents in security teams make our organisations safe, secure and more innovative.

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