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7 catégories :
  • Woman Leader or CEO in Cybersecurity
  • Woman professional in Cybersecurity
  • Woman in Cybersecurity support
  • Woman student in Cybersecurity
  • Woman cyber hope
  • Woman researcher in Cybersecurity
  • Woman in Cyber Defense (Police, Army,..)
In 2 zones : France et Europe
& Jury’s favorite price
& CEFCYS’s favorite price “NUNO FILIPE Award”

Sensitive about the inclusion of women in cybersecurity? Do you want to make your contribution and raise vocations? Do you want to make known your job and your function? Want to suggest profiles whose journeys have inspired you? Do you want to highlight an initiative that has encouraged your vocation?

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6th, 2022

Applicant’s candidature
from June 6th
to September 25th.

30th, 2022

of applications.

3th, 2022


20th, 2022

Prizes winners
during the #Cyberwomenday.

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