4 missions:
Raise awareness, Promote, Educate, Enlighten

Cefcys, Cercle des femmes de la cybersécurité


CEFCYS aims at animating a community of women working or aspiring to contribute to the field of Cybersecurity by:

  • Valuing and enhancing women’s professional skills through working groups, mentoring programs, publication of newsletters and reports…

  • Organizing and/or participating in events and conferences in France and abroad.

  • Raising awareness among companies, educational partners, and recruiters about the importance of gender parity and thus increasing the presence and impact of women.

  • Contributing to raising awareness about cybersecurity among the public through transparent citizen action in order to protect and educate youngsters to a safer use of digital technology.

Our latest activities…
  • Publication of the book “I don’t wear a hoodie, yet I work in cybersecurity”: an original guide for high school students, parents, educators, women wishing to develop their professional project…
  • Several video conferences organized during the Covid19 lockdown for members and the general public.

Association Cefcys


Men and women are both welcome. CEFCYS is an association under the French law of 1901 and currently has 250 members and supporters. We are present in Paris, Toulouse, Rennes, Lille, Marseille and Lyon.

Join the CEFCYS community to share your skills, develop your network and raise awareness of our action in cybersecurity. Check our website for news and events.

Cefcys is proud to partner with organizations and coalitions who share Cefcys’s vision of advocating gender parity by hiring and promoting women in cybersecurity. We are happy to provide further information about our partnership program.

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6th, 2022

Applicant’s candidature
from June 6th
to September 30th.

30th, 2022

of applications.

10th, 2022


20th, 2022

Prizes winners
during the #Cyberwomenday.

They sponsor us

Thanks to the sponsors and partners of CEFCYS for their generosity and their support for our event.
ACCENTURE partner of the european cyberwomenday
AWS partner of the european cyberwomenday
CONSCIO partner of the european cyberwomenday
CYBEREASON partner of the european cyberwomenday
DELOITTE partner of the european cyberwomenday
FIC, partner of the european cyberwomenday
ITRUST partner of the european cyberwomenday
ORANGE Cyberdefense partner of the european cyberwomenday
SOPRA STERIA partner of the european cyberwomenday
THEGREENBOW partner of the european cyberwomenday
WALLIX partner of the european cyberwomenday

They relay us

CEFCYS works in close collaboration with network & press partners, who help to relay the event
Alliancy relays the cyberwomenday
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