Women in cybersecurity make a difference every day through their different abilities, talent, commitment, innovation, dedication, and perseverance.
We are very pleased, along with all CEFCYSians, to launch this award to recognize, honor and celebrate the achievements of these deserving women in one of the most challenging and demanding fields of information technology, which is cybersecurity.
Your contribution is invaluable to the CEFCYS, and on behalf of all our members, we thank you for your participation in this second edition of the Cyber Women’s Award.
Nacira GUERROUDJI-SALVAN • Présidente Fondatrice du CEFCYS

Nacira GUERROUDJI-SALVAN • Présidente Fondatrice du CEFCYS

They are our sponsors

Kaspersky sponsor of the european cyberwomenday

“This event is a key element for this sector, I am thrilled that it’s opening to Europe.”

KASPERSKY, Bertrand Trastour, support of the european cyberwomenday
Bertrand Trastour
Kaspersky’s general manager – France & North Africa, the West and the Center.
Orange Cyberdefense sponsor of the european cyberwomenday

“Within the Orange Group and our subsidiary Orange Cyberdefense, we are convinced that the equal opportunity for men and women in all cybersecurity professions is a key to face tomorrow’s cyber challenges. Women cyber experts are still too few in spite of their skills and even though there is an obvious lack of resources.

Supporting the Cyber Women’s Trophy by highlighting the cyber careers of extraordinary women is one of our actions to encourage vocations and make women want to be part of the exciting world of cyber security.”

ORANGE Hugues Foulon sponsor of the Cyberwomenday
Hugues Foulon
CEO orange cyberdefense.
SOPRA STERIA sponsor of the Cyberwomenday

“As an advance in our ‘Women in Cyber’ initiative, Sopra Steria’s partnership with CefCys is an obvious choice… For the past several years Sopra Steria has been sharing inspiring testimonies from men and women who are experts in the field and committed to gender diversity in cybersecurity.  In supporting EuropeanCyberWomenDay 2021, we are proud to accelerate this dynamic and to promote the expertise of women in order to create many more new vocations on a European scale!”

SOPRA-STERIA_Fabien LECOQ, sponsor of the Cyberwomenday
Fabien Lecoq
Head of cybersecurity business unit.
THEGREENBOW, sponsor of the Cyberwomenday

“As a concerned and committed actor for inclusion and parity in society, TheGreenBow is particularly sensitive to the actions of the CEFCYS to value and professionalize the work of women in cybersecurity, who represent only 10% of the workforce in this sector. During the European Cyber Security Month, TheGreenBow supports the CEFCYS by sponsoring the Cyber Woman Trophy to reveal and encourage cyber women.”

THE GREEN BOW? Mathieu ISAIA, sponsor of the Cyberwomenday
Mathieu Isaïa
General Director The Green Bow.
Wallix partner of the #EuropeanCyberwomenday

“It is essential for WALLIX to take part in the European CyberWomenDay in order to promote women in this historically male sector. This event allows us to share our experiences and solutions together to pave the way for future female graduates! By highlighting women and their success stories, the CEFCYS and its partner companies are highlighting role models who are already changing the face of cybersecurity. This international day also reflects the values co-constructed with the Wallixians: Audacity, Team Spirit and Commitment.”

WALLIX, Delphine Schoffler support of the european cyberwomenday
Delphine Schoffler
WALLIX HR Director

They support us

CyberCercle support the european cyberwomenday

“As a woman evolving in the field of cybersecurity for ten years, company manager, involved in the CEFCYS since its creation, supporting the Cyber Woman Trophy for two years is a natural decision, as I did for the book “Je ne porte pas de sweat à capuches, pourtant je travaille dans la cybersécurité” published in January 2020. Valuing the women who work in our sector, to put forward “inspiring profiles” capable of arousing vocations among young girls and women in retraining, show the richness and diversity of possible career paths, support the actions and actors who work in the field in this sense, with this year a European dimension that makes sense… This is the vocation of the Cyber Woman Trophy that I am proud, with the CyberCircle, to support.”

CYBERCERCLE, Bénédicte Pilliet, support of the european cyberwomenday
Bénédicte Pilliet
President of CyberCercle.
Docaposte support the european cyberwomenday

“A commitment that resonates more than ever with our times, when it is necessary to assert values in the cyber world, to demystify and raise awareness about exciting jobs and careers.”

DOCAPOSTE, Gaëlle Picard, support of the european cyberwomenday
Gaëlle Picard
Director of External Relations-DOCAPOSTE, Member of the CA of CEFCYS and Regional Delegate IDF Femmes du Numérique / Numeum.
Yogosha partner of the #EuropeanCyberwomenday

“This year again the whole Yogosha team is proud to support the CEFCYS and the European CyberWomenday Trophy. We support all actions that aim to make our jobs and cyber expertise visible to women so that they join us, and enhance the visibility of the women who have already joined our universe and who are doing an exceptional job”

YOGOSHA, Fanny Forgeau support of the european cyberwomenday
Fanny Forgeau
General Manager & Chief Operating Officer Yogosha.
1st, 2021

Applicant’s candidature
from July 1st
to September 25th.

13th, 2021


14th, 2021

Revelation of
the 42 women nominees.

26th, 2021

Prizes winners
during the ceremony.

They are our sponsors

Thank you to the sponsors and partners of CEFCYS for their generosity and their support for our event.
Kaspersky sponsor of the european cyberwomenday
ORANGE CYBERDEFENSE spo,sor of the Cyberwomenday
SOPRA STERIA sponsor of the Cyberwomenday
THEGREENBOW, sponsor of the Cyberwomenday
Wallix partner of european cyberwomenday

They support us

CEFCYS has already received the support of several institutional partners.
CyberCercle support the european cyberwomenday
Docaposte support the european cyberwomenday
Yogosha partner of European Cyberwomenday